EF Host Family Sydney

Clear blue waters, golden sand beaches and a unique blend of Asian, British and South Pacific culture form the city that often becomes the favorite choice among a large numbers of EF students.

Our students travel to Sydney to experience true Australian culture first hand, meet new international friends and improve their language skills. During their time abroad students are looking for a home away from home and every year EF host families in Sydney open up their home to provide our students a chance to experience maximum cultural immersion by living as locals – with locals.

Join the EF Host Family Sydney program today and become part of this great cultural exchange as well as giving students a profound experience that can change their view of the world – and might it change yours too.

Why become a host family in Sydney?

  • Help a young person from another country realize their dream. Make international friends for life.
  • Short-term commitment for a long term cultural gain for your household.
  • Open your children’s eyes to a new culture and help them become internationally aware global citizens.
  • Encourage cultural awareness and global understanding in your community.
  • Make the most of your spare room(s) by welcoming students into your home for either a short or long term stay – you choose!
  • Our in-house accommodation staff deal with any issues you may experience and all payments are made directly from us to you – so no need to worry!

Why choose our programs?

  • EF is dedicated to encouraging global awareness through cultural exchange and language learning.
  • EF provides international students the opportunity to explore another language and culture during language programs in Australia.
  • With our language programs, students study from Monday to Friday 8.00am-5.45pm and we also have a full activity schedule with organized trips and suggestions for things to do in the city – we keep our students busy!
  • Host families pick the student they will host.
  • Host families can choose which gender of student, age group (16-17 or 18+) and length of stay they would like to host – due to the high volume of students we can be completely flexible to match your requirements.
  • Our staff are here every step of the way, offering 24/7 support and work to make this an exceptional experience for our wonderful families and international students.

Host family requirements

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes; single parent households, empty-nesters, couples with no children, and families with small children or with teenagers. You are expected to provide a bed, breakfast and dinner Monday to Friday and also a light lunch at weekends and most importantly, a stable, caring environment. We ask that our homestays are around 1 hour travel time by public transport (trains or buses).

The school address is 53 Balfour Street, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW 2008. Click here to view on Google Maps.

Or alternatively, give us a call in the office on (02) 9247 7668.

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