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Learn Korean in Korea

Learn Korean in Korea
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Learn Korean in Korea and enjoy the unique blend of bright lights and historic sites that make this jewel of Asia so special. Whether you just want to learn the basics or fully master all the intricacies of Korean, we have both short and long-term courses that will fit seamlessly into your life. Want to know more? Get in touch with us and start planning your study Korean in Korea today.

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EF Languages Abroad

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EF Language Year Abroad

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Destination: Korea

Study Korean in Korea

Study Korean in Korea and you’ll be one step closer to understanding the deeper levels of the language. Want to know the difference between “annyeong hasaeyo” and “annyeong shimnika”? By learning Korean in Korea, you’ll have the chance to experience the language as it’s used in real life by real people on a daily basis. Our accredited courses and highly qualified instructors will give you the confidence and skills to use Korean in your everyday life. Would you rather learn Korean through a grammar textbook or by putting your skills to the test a Korean barbeque restaurant? Language learning in Korea is not only the most effective way to learn and appreciate Korean, but it’s also the most enjoyable, too.

Life outside the Korean language school

Korea is known for its bright lights and fast paced culture but there’s so much more to the country than just that. As a Korean language student in Seoul, you’ll have one of the world’s most dynamic cities right on your doorstep. No visit to Korea’s capital is complete without visiting the Royal places where you can imagine the Korea of time gone by. We also recommend that nature lovers take some time to explore Bukhansan National Park; a hiker’s paradise that offers unrivalled views over Seoul. And, of course, make time to experience as much Korean food as you can. There’s so much more to Korea’s delicious cuisine than just rice and kimchi and our staff will be on hand with their own recommendations for you. Korea really does have a little bit of something for everyone. Learn Korean in Seoul and you’ll be able to appreciate the intricacies of the language and truly immerse yourself in this fascinating culture.

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