EF Host Family Gold Coast

With over 300 days of sunshine per year it is no surprise that a large number of EF students every year want to spend their summer at the Gold Coast. But not only the good weather draws them here. They travel here to improve their English, meet new friends and experience Australian culture first hand.

For years our host family community in Gold Coast have welcomed these students and showed them not only the stunning beaches but also the famous Queensland hospitality. Join the EF Host Family Gold Coast program and get a unique and rewarding experience as a key part of our students time abroad.

Why become a host family in Gold Coast?

  • Help a young person from another country realize their dream. Make international friends for life.
  • Short-term commitment for a long term cultural gain for your household.
  • Open your children’s eyes to a new culture and help them become internationally aware global citizens.
  • Encourage cultural awareness and global understanding in your community.
  • Host Family’s children have the potential to earn community service hours.
  • Earn discounts on your personal travel, as well as discounts on EF Tours and au pair services.

Why choose our programs?

  • EF is dedicated to encouraging global awareness through cultural exchange and language learning.
  • EF provides international students the opportunity to explore another language and culture during language programs in Australia.
  • In these escorted group travel programs, daily language lessons are combined with afternoon activities and sightseeing trips in your local community. We keep students busy Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm. Share your family time with your student each evening and most weekends!
  • Host families pick the student they will host.
  • Our staff offers 24/7 support and are here to help make this an exceptional experience for our wonderful families and international students.
  • We have arranged escorted group travel for over 175,000 international students since 1979.

Host family requirements

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes; single parent households, empty-nesters, couples with no children, and families with small children or with teenagers. You are expected to provide a bed, three meals a day, transportation to a conveniently located meeting point and, most importantly, a stable, caring environment.

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