EF SET Quick Check

The EF SET Quick Check is a shortened version of the test designed for test takers who need to get a general idea of their English level without investing time in taking a longer test. Teachers often use the Quick Check as a placement test to determine which study group their students are best suited for.

Test structure

The EF SET Quick Check is a timed test that lasts 15 minutes. It tests reading and listening comprehension. The Quick Check scores are low, medium, or high English proficiency which correspond to CEFR levels A, B, and C. Unlike the other version of the EF SET, the EF SET Quick English Check is not an adaptive test, so if taken more than once, the questions will be identical on each test taking session.


The EF SET Quick Check is available online for no cost. The results of the Quick English Check can be shared on social media, but only the EF SET English Certificate is suitable for publication to LinkedIn as an English certification because of its more precise score.