EF SET preparation

Unlike other English tests, the EF SET requires no special preparation because you can always take it again if you’re not satisfied with your score. It is a free test. The best preparation for the EF SET is to find a quiet place where you can concentrate and set aside enough time to complete the entire test in one sitting. Make sure that your internet connection is good and that your sound is working. The EF SET test itself will take you through a sound check before the questions begin.

If you’re not satisfied with your EF SET score after completing the test, any method you choose to use to improve your English skills will also improve your EF SET score. To improve your listening skills, use movies, radio broadcasts, or TV in English. To improve your reading skills, there’s nothing better than reading. Newspapers, magazines and books are all good sources of reading material. Find subjects you are interested in a build up your vocabulary.

EF SET practice

Most people don’t practice taking the EF SET because they can just take it directly. There’s no need to take an EF SET practice test beforehand. However, you can use the EF SET as practice for another standardized test. The EF SET English Certificate is particularly well-adapted to this purpose because it is a long a rigorous test. At the end of the EF SET Certificate you will get a score that accurately predicts your score on the IELTS or TOEFL exam.

Using the EF SET as practice for another exam is useful because it builds your test-taking stamina and gets you used to the rigorous of a demanding test. However, the EF SET’s design is different from any other test, so you won’t see exactly the same types of questions on the EF SET as on other tests. If you want to familiarize yourself with test-taking strategies and question types for a particular test, the best solution is to take a test preparation course.

How EF can help you

You can prepare for any standardized English test by taking the EF SET. If you are looking for an English certification for your CV, the EF SET is a great choice. If you need to get a particular score on another standardized English test for university applications or immigration, find out more about our test preparation courses abroad and our test preparation courses online.