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EF Education First Reviews
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Who are we?

EF Education First is a global leader of international education. With nearly 60 years of experience, we have sent millions of students to over 50 destinations worldwide to develop their language skills, discover the world beyond their culture, and grow both professionally and personally.

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For almost 60 years, we have asked all our students to review their experience abroad with EF, in order for us to:

  • to ensure a high quality service

  • to identify our strengths and understand areas that need improvement

  • to let you know what our students think.

Discover what our students have to say about their experiences traveling abroad with EF and get ready to embark on your study abroad journey with confidence.

Why EF?

Here's why you should choose EF to study abroad:

World leader in international education

State-of-the-art schools in over 50 destinations worldwide

60 years of expertise

All-inclusive package including a language course, accommodation and food

24/7 support by EF staff, from pre-booking until after you return home

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EF accreditations and partners

Since its establishment in 1965, EF Education First has maintained an unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in language proficiency, cross-cultural comprehension, and personal, professional, and academic growth.

All EF International Language Campuses across the globe hold certifications from the highest national and international regulatory bodies, further affirming our dedication to upholding exceptional standards in language travel experiences.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate is the approved education oversight body authorized by the UK Home Office to enroll international students under Student Visa Route.

All EF International Language Campuses in the UK are accredited by the British Council.

The EF International Language Campus in Dublin is recognized by ACELS, as service of quality and qualifications in Ireland for English language teaching.

The EF International Language Campuses in the USA are accredited by ACCET.

All EF International Languages Campuses in Canada are accredited by Languages Canada.

The EF International Language Campuses in Australia are accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

The EF International Language Campuses in Malta, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan and Korea are accredited by Eaquals.

The EF International Language Campus in Auckland is accredited by NZQA and is a member of English New Zealand, exceeding their quality assurance standards over and above regulatory requirements.

The EF International Language Campuses in the UK and USA are respectively members of English UK and English USA.

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