Study abroad in Los Angeles

Study abroad in Los Angeles
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If you think you might like California's culture, study abroad in Los Angeles and you'll soon find out. Sunshine, star sightings, and plenty of glamour await you in Los Angeles. Our courses of study in Los Angeles are for teens, students and adults, so no matter your level of English, you'll find what you're looking for. Invest in your future and learn more about our programs today.

Study abroad in Los Angeles

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14-19 years
1-4 years
Private high school
Study and live with students from 75 nationalities. Gain an internationally recognized diploma and access to a top university.
Destination: USA
City: Los Angeles

Study abroad in Los Angeles

Do you often forget what you have learned when you study English? Don’t worry. You’ll find that your memory improves when you study abroad in Los Angeles, where the immersion environment guarantees constant practice and immediate feedback on your communication skills. Class sizes are small, so you’ll make plenty of friends and have fun learning English in an engaging way. Studying in Los Angeles differs from studying in your own country, because as you learn English, you apply your new skills right away, fixing them in your mind for future use. You'll also gain firsthand knowledge about this city’s upbeat culture.

Student life in Los Angeles

Visit the palm tree lined beaches, shop in some of the most exclusive stores in the world, or go hunting for celebrities during your time studying abroad in Los Angeles. You will have plenty of time both in and outside of class to practice the language skills that you’ve learned with the friends that you meet during your stay. Los Angeles is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, so when you are not studying, you can dance to your heart’s content in the nightclubs or hang out with friends at one of the many cafes. You'll have so many stories to share with your friends back home when you return from your adventure studying in Los Angeles.

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