Study Abroad in France

What better way to master French than to study abroad in France? Combine a pleasurable stay in Paris or on the Mediterranean with a new level of comfort speaking French. Enjoy fine food, world-class museums, and stunning architecture. If you're dreaming of studying in France, you're in the right place.

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Study Abroad in France

Whether you'd like a few summer weeks on the French Mediterranean coast or want to spend a whole year in Paris, we have a wide range of options to study abroad in France. All of our schools are centrally located with bright, airy interiors and all the student comforts - the perfect environment for learning French. You decide how long you want to study in France, from 2 weeks to a year, as well as the courses you want to take. You can prepare for a language exam, learn the skills you need to work in a specific industry, or immerse yourself in your interests such as French cuisine, art history or fashion. Studying abroad in France can make your dreams a reality.

Accommodation options in France

You can customize your accommodation according to your needs when you study abroad in France. Many choose to stay with a French host family where you will dine and spend free evenings and weekends with the native French speakers. You get the security of living in a foster home and develop personal relationships with your hosts while you study abroad in France. Others stay in one of our student residences with students from around the world. This is a better option for those who want flexibility and lots of social activities. Regardless of which accommodation option you choose, you'll get lots of practice speaking French when you study abroad in France.