Learn English in Australia

Learn English in Australia
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Learning English in Australia is the best way to get to know the country. Although there are people from all over the world in Australia, the common language is English. Without mastering English, it will be hard to find a job or continue your studies. Take a look at all the ways we can help you to study English in Australia.

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EF English Courses in Australia

EF English Courses in Australia

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Study English in Australia

Australia is a country with an astounding variety of climates, natural landscapes, and people. World-class food and lively cities are a short hop from natural wonders that can't be found anywhere else in the world. The desert outback is a wilderness like no other. Learning English in Australia is one of the best ways to get more familiar with this friendly and fascinating country. When you study English in Australia with us, you can customize your course schedule to include local topics like aboriginal culture, Australian history, and Australian literature. You can also take time to travel within the country on school-organized trips or independently.

Choosing a school

One of the hardest decisions when you plan to learn English in Australia is choosing a school. You'll want a well-equipped facility in a central location, with experienced teachers and a motivated student body. All our schools in Australia match that description. Your choice will rest then on the city's character and the program type you're interested in. All our programs to study English in Australia include several accommodation options including a local homestay, different levels and intensities, and flexibility to begin your courses at a time that fits your schedule. Take a look at the programs you're interested in and get in touch so we can help you make your choice.

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