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A gap year in Italy is the adventure of a lifetime. We give you the tools to study Italian in depth, but you'll also have time to learn more widely about your favourite areas of interest, such as: art, fashion, history, etc. Our gap year programs in Italy are flexible, so you customize your trip to your specific needs.

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Gap Year in Italy

Spending a gap year in Italy working on your language skills means you'll have long enough to become pretty advanced in the language as you work towards fluency. Even if you're a beginner at the start of your gap year in Italy, studying abroad is the fastest way to learn a language, and you'll start to see improvements in a matter of weeks. You'll receive high quality language instruction from our team of expert teachers, who will devise lesson plans that work for you. You can learn at your own pace with support from tutors to help you reach your language goals, enrol in our gap year program in Italy and see what it means to be truly fluent.

How much progress will I make?

Over the course of your gap year in Italy, your language skills will evolve so much that they will be unrecognizable. Studying abroad is well worth the challenge, and you're sure to find it a very rewarding experience. The amount of progress you make with your Italian as a result of our gap year program in Italy is really up to you. It will depend a lot on your current language ability and how fast you learn, but with hard work and dedication it's possible to become fluent by the end of the year. Fluency means that you'll be able to have complicated conversations, and read and write in Italian to a high standard. It's not going to be easy, but you'll be supported every step of the way during your gap year in Italy.

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