EF Ultimate Break Launches New Campus Ambassador Program at Universities and Colleges Across the United States

10th October 2023

CAMBRIDGE, Mass- October 10, 2023

  • An initial 50 campus ambassadors from more than 40 universities and colleges have been appointed to the company's first campus advocacy program

  • EF Ultimate Break Campus Ambassadors can earn travel credits toward future tours by participating in a range of initiatives that educate college-aged students on the benefits and opportunities associated with group travel around the world

  • Campus Ambassadors will also have access to workshops and training designed to expand their professional skills and help them build their resumes

EF Ultimate Break, the best way to experience the world for young adults (ages 18-35), today announced the launch of the company's Campus Ambassador program, an initiative set to help redefine the college break and international travel experience for students in universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning across North America.

"Spring break isn't what it used to be," said Heather Leisman, President, EF Ultimate Break. "As an innovator in experiential travel, we've designed this program specifically for Gen Zers who are looking to recharge during their school break and summer vacations. Our global travel business is helping change the way college-aged travelers experience the world, inclusive of supporting travelers' needs around safety, community building, and cultural experience sharing – all at budget-friendly prices with flexible payment plans."

EF Ultimate Break's Campus Ambassadors will help serve as brand advocates on campuses around the country for students interested in exploring the world, helping future travelers find a tour that is right for their travel style. Under the program, new Campus Ambassadors will expand their knowledge though orientation sessions, training, and traveling on EF Ultimate Break tours. In exchange for the chance to earn credits toward future travel bookings, Campus Ambassadors will be asked to:

  • Host or speak at on-campus events, promoting traveling and exploring the world through EF Ultimate Break

  • Develop social media content promoting EF Ultimate Break

  • Work with affinity groups, sororities, and fraternities to organize guided, group travel through EF Ultimate Break

The First Fifty

EF Ultimate Break is launching this new program with 50 students from more than 40 universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning, including Arizona State, University of California Berkeley, University of Iowa, Florida State, and Syracuse University. These students will act as inaugural brand advocates within this newly established community of Campus Ambassadors.

Professional Development + Global Adventures

A key differentiator between EF Ultimate Break's Campus Ambassador program and other "Campus Ambassador" programs is that the company is making professional development a priority.

"We know that students in higher education love EF Ultimate Break for the diverse range of exciting travel opportunities we offer across the globe," added Leisman. "However, beyond the fun, we know many of our ambassadors are looking for skills and real-world experiences that will help them in their professional lives. Our program will help them build these skills through hands-on career development and learning opportunities that will support them well beyond their student years."

Campus Ambassadors participating in the program will have the opportunity to engage in learning and development opportunities that will differentiate the program, which will include the following modules at launch:

  • Social Media

  • Content Marketing

  • Public Relations

Students interested in the Campus Ambassador program can learn more by visiting: https://www.efultimatebreak.com/traveling-with-us/campus-ambassador

About EF Ultimate Break

EF Ultimate Break is the best way to experience the world for anyone 18-35. With 120+ trips, everything from airfare and accommodations to interest-free payment plans is covered. As a proud part of EF Education First, EF Ultimate Break draws on 55 years of EF expertise to add amazing travel experiences to its growing tour portfolio. EF, the world leader in international education, has helped millions of people throughout its history learn a language, discover the world, or earn an academic degree.