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Study Abroad in South Africa

Study abroad in South Africa for a truly exotic experience. Combine English courses with exploration of this complex country's rich culture and wildlife. Our programs of study South Africa are designed to give you the maximum academic benefit and plenty of freedom in a safe, comfortable environment.
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Study abroad in South Africa

When you choose to study abroad in South Africa, you're not choosing the most obvious way to improve your English. South Africa is far away and relatively unknown to most people, aside from its infamous history. But today's South Africa is a powerful country, both economically and culturally. It's an exciting and adventurous place to study abroad. Our English school in Cape Town is located in a beautiful colonial villa in a peaceful, residential neighborhood. It's quiet and well-equipped, but just a short trip from downtown. When you decide to study in South Africa, you can combine your studies with an unpaid internship or volunteerism.

Enjoying South Africa outside of class

Our programs to study abroad in South Africa combine English courses with optional activities and plenty of free time. After all, why go to South Africa if you don't have time to explore? Visit the different neighborhoods and markets of Cape Town to get a feeling for this dynamic city. Go on one of our school's weekend safaris to see elephants, lions, buffalos and leopards. Or head over to the beach, just a short distance from our school, for a game of beach volleyball and a BBQ. Life in South Africa is almost certainly nothing like your life at home, and probably nothing like what you expect it to be. Study in South Africa and discover the real Africa.

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