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Study Abroad in Berlin

Study abroad in Berlin and discover the sites and sounds that make this city such a popular traveling destination. Be it the phenomenal cuisine or the underground art scene, our study abroad programs in Berlin let you see a part of Germany that's beyond the reach of the average tourist.

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Study abroad in Berlin

When you study abroad in Berlin, you are enrolling in a language school that is located in the heart of the German capital. Berlin has a dynamic history that makes every outing seem completely different from your last, allowing you to be immersed in this unknown culture. Although we stress the importance of our communicative classroom exercises, you will get the most out of studying abroad in Berlin if you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the new cultural environment. There is truly no better way of understanding the German language than by studying abroad in Berlin.

Study abroad programs in Berlin

As a world city of culture, media, science and art, Berlin has become one of the most sought after places visit in the world. Our study abroad programs in Berlin allow you to decide how will spend your time in this marvellous city. Whether you would like to enrol in our intensive courses and become fluent as quickly as possible, or treat your trip as a vacation and visit the monuments that make this city famous, studying abroad in Berlin will be your trip to plan.