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Study English in Seattle

Study abroad in Seattle, and improve your English every day. In this laid back city, practice your English in coffee houses with American friends and classmates. The atmosphere is so relaxed, you'll forget any nervousness at speaking English. Studying in Seattle is a sure-fire way to gain confidence and excel in English.
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Study abroad in Seattle

You have a wide range of programs to choose from when you study abroad in Seattle. You can brush up your language skills over a few weeks or aim for fluency over the course of a full academic year. Programs to study in Seattle can also prepare you for university or help you succeed in your career. No matter which type of program you choose, you'll have time to explore Seattle's top-notch live music scene, cozy coffee houses, and beautiful natural surroundings. And you'll be able to do all of these things with the international group of students on your program. You'll discover a smooth path to improved English when you study abroad in Seattle.

Topical studies in Seattle

You can structure your program to study abroad in Seattle around a topic you're interested in. If you need a certain score on an exam for your studies or career, we have test preparation courses to get you ready. You can also earn American college credit while you study abroad in Seattle, giving you a head start when you enter an American university. If you want to improve your English to advance your career, take a career-builder course that will improve your professional skills and make you a stronger applicant. You'll speak better English after you study in Seattle, and you can use your experience to achieve whatever your aims are for the coming years.