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Language Schools in Malta

Learn English in Malta in the warm Mediterranean sun. Take a dip after class in the clear blue sea. Malta is the ideal place to study English and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday at the same time. With a variety of short and long programs for students of different ages, you're sure to find just the right trip for you.
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Learn English in Malta

Malta, just south of Sicily and smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean, could hardly be a more attractive location to practice your English. When you study English in Malta, you're literally never more than a short trip from the beach, because on these small islands, you can't be. Enjoy going to school in a location so idyllic that thousands flock there on holiday. When you're not in class you might find yourself exploring Malta's ancient ruins, studying in a street side cafe, or even scuba diving in the pristine waters just offshore. Learning English in Malta is Europe's answer to combining English study with a memorable vacation.

Choosing where to live

When you're learning English in Malta, you can participate in a homestay or live in a student residence. Living with a family will give you not only unique insight into Maltese life and cultural traditions, it will also give you extra time to practice English with native speakers. Using English with your host family is an excellent way to accelerate your progress. If you'd like a bit more independence, a student residence will suit you better. Share housing with fellow students from around the world who have all come to study English in Malta. Our centrally-located residences are the perfect base from which to explore all of Malta's beaches, sights, and events.