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English Immersion Programs in Manchester

Come to England for an immersion course in Manchester, the largest northern UK city. Work on your English while rooting for Manchester's famous sports clubs and enjoying amazing architecture. An immersion course in Manchester will leave you with fond memories of this dynamic city.
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Immersion course in Manchester

Learning English on an immersion course in Manchester isn't just for those hoping to become fluent in the language; students at any level will find an immersion course helpful, even complete beginners. Studying abroad is a great way to learn a language by surrounding yourself in the sights and sounds of a new culture, and making friends from all over the world. Immersion courses in Manchester run all year round, and there are various programs of different lengths to choose from. You'll be learning English alongside other international students at the same level as you, and getting the chance to explore this lively English city.

Learning English 24/7!

Manchester is a great location to choose if you're coming to England to study. On an immersion course in Manchester, the learning doesn't just take place in the classroom – this is nothing like school! You'll be literally immersed in all-things-English for the whole time you're here, meaning you'll pick up the language a lot quicker by practising all the time. Manchester immersion courses offer a carefully designed mix of high-quality language classes, activities and excursions, and free time. Make the most of your time in England by exploring Manchester's many sights and events with your classmates – you'll be chatting to the locals in no time!