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Gap Year Programs in France

Spend a gap year in France, exploring culture, customs and the French language. Our year-long gap year programs in France are designed to optimize your language skills, so you return home fluent in French. There's so much to see and do, you may find that a gap year in France isn't nearly enough!

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Gap year in France

You’ll fall in love with France, especially if you like great food, art, and architecture. Spending a gap year in France can help you understand the nuances of French much easier than if were to attempt to learn the language in your own country. Ordering food in French from a menu, bargaining in French at an outdoor market, and enjoying French theatrical performances will become part of your life during your gap in France. A gap year program in France will also let you explore French perspectives on the world, make lasting friendships both with your fellow students and with French people, and develop your independence as a world traveller.

Adopting France

One of the most pleasant things about a gap year in France is that you have the time to evolve throughout the year. You'll start out uneasy, perhaps frightened to speak French and intimidated by all the incomprehensible things around you. As you settle in and make friends, your French will improve and you'll develop some habits: a favourite cafe, your neighbourhood bakery, your morning walk to school. By the second half of your gap year in France, you'll be more confident, taking weekend trips with friends to explore different regions, showing off your French when you have visits from home. After finishing your gap year program in France, part of you will never leave.