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Fluency Builder

Become fluent with eight weeks of combined intensive, group and virtual studies

The eight-week Fluency Builder intensive business English courses feature a personal coach for the full length of the program. The course is designed to deliver intensive English for executives who need a drastic improvement in their language level. As with all our courses, the Fluency Builder program will be tailored to your specific needs.

Course structure

During your first week of study you and your personal coach will agree on the course structure and make a study plan tailored to your needs.

One-to-one instruction: 30 LESSONS PER WEEK (FOUR WEEKS)

Our one-to-one private tuition is completely tailor-made to fit your personal needs.

Small group seminars: 30 LESSONS PER WEEK (FOUR WEEKS)

Small group seminars give you the opportunity to learn with international colleagues through conversation-based lessons.

Private coaching: 16 SESSIONS

During your course you will have 16 private one-to-one sessions with your personal coach. These sessions give you the opportunity to focus on specific topics and questions you might have or areas for improvement.

Total number of lessons in program (40 min)

  • 136 one-to-one lessons
  • 120 small group lessons (average five students)
  • Unlimited iLab access
  • One-year Premium access to EF’s cloud-based school included

Languages and locations

  • English in Boston and Cambridge


  • Beginner to pre-intermediate

Start date and duration

Eight weeks: every Monday, four weeks of one-to-one private instruction combined with four weeks of group seminars. Full access to iLab throughout the course

Fluency Builder PLUS

 Get better results by upgrading to our Fluency Builder PLUS course

  •  Course content as above but with 40 extra Group lessons.