Academic Year Abroad

For students and adults ages 16 and above



Study in the USA with EF and live your American dream in a country with world-class cities, dramatic landscapes and multicultural communities.

Hiking along the rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, strolling across the expanse of the Golden Gate Bridge and hailing a yellow taxi in New York’s Midtown Manhattan are unforgettable American experiences, but spend a year here and you’ll go beyond tourism to experience life in the USA like a local. Study in the USA for an extended period and you’ll have the chance to tap into some of the world’s best universities, most-dynamic companies, and trend-setting industries. As the old saying goes; if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Browse New York’s Union Square Farmer’s Market in the shadow of towering skyscrapers. Listen to an author speak at a Harvard Square bookshop in Boston or learn to surf Honolulu’s Pacific Ocean swells. Discover Midwestern friendliness in Chicago, the Latin flair of Miami Beach, glitz of Los Angeles, outdoorsy feel of Seattle, and the laidback beach culture of Santa Barbara and San Diego.

Study in the USA at one of our American language centers nationwide.

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